Cassavetes and 'Shadows'

At this moment in history, it’s possible to reassert a place for Shadows among the most crucial, nuanced, and humane stories about race and racial identity. Nuance and humaneness are in short supply, circa 2018; we’ll take every hour with them that we can get.

The Global Migration and Refugee Crisis

To some extent, we’ve simply not been paying attention: The separation of families is an acutely Trump-ian moment, in recent weeks, amounting to more than 2,300 children being taken from their protectors and the policy, but it is part of a larger fabric as well.

Bujalski Days

My days of following Andrew from New York to Boston to Austin and back were a gift in that I got to talk to him during what I believe was a genuine transformation. This is the story of that time, and what I saw and thought and still think about the words and ideas he was trying to convey.

The War on Children

The war on immigration that the United States is conducting along its southern border has become a war on children, and it is an assault on freedom, and on the humanity we hope will take us into the future.